The History of the Arctic Refuge Struggle

These pages offer a guide to some of the key themes discussed in Defending the Arctic Refuge. Each of the pages also features links to important sources—including videos, images, reports, and other publications—that let you explore this history yourself.

Gwich'in Advocacy

Photographers & Filmmakers

Grassroots Organizing

Wildlife of the Refuge

Policy & Politicians

Suppression of Science

The Sources Behind Defending the Arctic Refuge

If you want to investigate this history further, check out the full bibliography for Defending the Arctic Refuge. To learn more about the book, visit the Book & Author page or the UNC Press page.

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Photographs on this page by Mladen Mates (Gwich'in Advocacy), Subhankar Banerjee (Photographers & Filmmakers; Grassroots Organizing), Lenny Kohm (Wildlife of the Refuge), and Pamela A. Miller (Suppression of Science).